China says Ivanka Trump trademark requests handled properly

(Two weeks ago, the New York Times wrote about how she is seen as a "goddess" there).

By contrast, she has been her family's leading globalist - doing deals around the world in her father's name and her own.

As Ivanka Trump builds a new political career as an adviser to her father, the commercial engine of her lifestyle brand is going strong. Any direct proof that other countries are approving Trump trademarks to court his approval could prove to be an impeachable offense.

Ivanka Trump and Kushner are trusted advisers to the president.

Conway's endorsement, which she offered in response to Nordstrom dropping the label from stores, renewed conflict of interest concerns over Trump family holdings and earned Conway a discipline recommendation from the Office of Government Ethics for using her White House position to sell products. It has launched new active wear and affordable jewelry lines, and is working to expand its global intellectual property footprint.

Painter and others have sued President Trump over his business conflicts.

Now such issues become more complex.

U.S. law prohibits government officials from handling government matters that could enrich their business or their spouse's. They also may not receive gifts or honors from foreign leaders.

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Whether trademarks run afoul of such rules is a matter of debate between the Trump administration and its critics. President Trump, notably, has tempered his rhetoric on China and trade - and one could reasonably ask whether the presidential shift had anything to do with the family business.

Trump has taken steps to separate herself from her company. But since they were approved on the same day she attended a state dinner with President Xi and his entourage at Mar-a-Lago, the liberal media is up in arms. But there's simply no denying her father's upset victory in the 2016 election lit a fire under the 35-year-old business mogul. Trump also maintains a stake in the Trump International Hotel in Washington, just down the street from the White House.

"She's an incredibly confident, creative, talented woman who also supports her father's presidency", Kellyanne Conway, senior counsel to the president, said in February on Fox & Friends about the first daughter while breaking government ethics codes by promoting her brand: "Go buy Ivanka's stuff, is what I would tell you".

"I think there's clearly a targeting of her brand, and it's her name still out there". "It could call into question any decision made, people wondering if there's a business angle to it". CNN has reached out to the White House for comment and has not yet received a response.

The commercial currents of President Donald Trump's White House are unprecedented in modern American politics, ethics lawyers say.

China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman, Lu Kang, said the government handles all trademark applications equally. Despite these arguments, Van Susteren still defended Ivanka, claiming "she hasn't done anything wrong" because she needed trademarks to protect her company.

"Then you get into the issue about improper influence", he said.

Ivanka Trump may not understand what complicit means, but one would assume a businesswoman of her posturing would certainly understand what a conflict of interest is.

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