Facebook gives peek inside unit studying brain-to-text technology

She said the power of the brain is much greater than what is translated through our natural speech, comparing the brain's ability versus speech to "four HD movies per second streaming over a 1980s dial-up modem".

Before joining Google, Dugan ran the Defence Department's Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency, devoted to developing technology for the United States military.

Such a product could allow the deaf and blind to communicate more easily - or allow everyone else "to type five times faster than you can on a smartphone", according to Regina Dugan, the head of Facebook's Building 8 research. Through the use of improved, non-invasive sensors, breakthroughs in optical imaging technology, and machine learning, it's already a reality as Facebook showed a patient with ALS typing just a handful words with her mind.

Driven by the company's year-old hardware group, known as Building 8, the projects are among Facebook's most advanced efforts yet to realize its mission of connecting the human race.

The efforts take advantage of the enormous computing power of the human brain, which can stream 40 high-definition movies at any moment, Dugan said.

"If we put these things together, it suggests one day not so far away it may be possible for me to think in Mandarin and for you to feel it instantly in Spanish", Dugan said. Dugan characterized it as "a few years away".

Smith excited to host NCAA cross-country championship
The 2017 NCAA Men's and Women's Championships were held in Indianapolis-with Notre Dame serving as institutional host. MSUB previously hosted the NCAA Division II West Region Championships in 2014 and 2016.

Obama aide says intel not used to spy on Trump advisers
The White House and its allies will try hard for that to be so. "I have asked the Intelligence Committee, Sen". In late March, Rice said publicly that she knew "nothing" of President Trump's claims that he was wiretapped.

Elizabeth Warren: I'm Not Running For President In 2020
The tour will include stops this week in New York City, Boston, and Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Massachusetts. Al Franken's latest book will be released May 30. "We got to be in this fight".

"Implanted electrodes simply won't scale", Dugan said.

Facebook also is working on a way for people to hear through their skin.

The development efforts include systems that will allow people to type using their thoughts - or hear through their skin.

Facebook is 'developing new hardware and software necessary to deliver language through the skin.' They go on to explain that since the neural network that runs through the skin to give the brain the sensation of touch is so vast, and language systems such as braille have demonstrated that the brain can decode language from a different sense, the technology is possible. As one employee, Frances, wore an electronic device on her arm, the other, Freddy, used a computer program to send pressure changes to her arm.

Dugan was careful to head off concerns about the abuse of brain-reading technology. That would require extremely precise optical imaging sensors, a technology that doesn't now exist. Dugan compared how Facebook would interact with thoughts to how it now interacts with photos. The promise of this technology means that soon computing will no longer be a tactile experience. Even with today's technology, people are constantly concerned that tech companies are violating their privacy. But even knowing what's on the horizon is pretty darn cool.

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NCAA Tournament, Final Four Sites Announced Through 2022
The NCAA Tournament was last in the Spokane Veterans Memorial Arena in 2016, hosted by the University of Idaho. It marks the first time the NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Championship will visit Cincinnati and U.S.

Richard Simmons doing well after trip to hospital
The star's rep commented on his client's reclusive nature, telling ABC News that he just wants a break from fame. The hit podcast sought to investigate the reasons behind Simmons' public disappearance.

Escape act: LeBron, Cavs edge Pacers 109-108 in Game 1
For what it's worth, Dahntay hones, James Jones and Derrick Williams were also DNP-CD. "We've got to be better the next game". The Cavaliers, on the other hand, ended what has to be considered a disappointing regular season in a disjointed fashion.

Cleveland cops searching for alleged killer who broadcast murder on Facebook
However, according to a Facebook spokesman, a video of the murder was uploaded to Facebook afterwards and was not live streamed. He's wanted on an aggravated murder charge in the death of 74-year-old Robert Godwin Sr. on Sunday afternoon in Cleveland .

Republican senator wishes Trump spent less time at Mar-a-Lago
Make no mistake: Trump won't lose any large number - or even small number - of votes over this decidedly un-transparent decision. "So many towns and cities are thanking me because we have gotten rid of a burden you would not believe", the president said.

United States action on Afghanistan will help country
Thirteen Indian nationals who had joined Daesh were among those killed in the MOAB bombing in Afghanistan's Achin district. However, NIA is yet to confirm the reports of Indians getting killed.

Facebook Launches Its "In-Person" VR Hangout App For Oculus Rift
To change something on your avatar you tap on the body part to choose from a list of options, like new eye shapes or hair colors. Facebook unveiled a new way to hang out with your friends without ever needing to leave your living room.

IPL 2017: SRH beats KXIP by five runs
With Manan Vohra playing the knock of his life, Warner needed his leader of the bowling pack to make an impact once again. KXIP's skipper Glenn Maxwell counted on his bowlers to substantiate his decision to bowl first after winning the toss .

Women to march against triple talaq
But it is the line that the PM asked his government lawyers to state before the Supreme Court on the issue. Odisha will be going for assembly elections next year, and so far has remained immune to BJP's overtures.

Opposition to challenge votes on expanding Erdogan's powers
The referendum campaign was highly divisive and heavily one-sided, with the "yes" side dominating the airwaves and billboards. Supporters of the "no" vote complained of intimidation, including beatings, detentions and threats.

Wounded Bartra says blasts 'hardest 15 minutes' of his life
But Sokratis admitted football was far from his mind. "When they told us "you're up tomorrow", we felt completely ignored. "Of course, no one was thinking about football before the game and I believe that was obvious from the way it began".

Celtics clinch No. 1 seed in East, beat Bucks 112-94
Celtics coach Brad Stevens said he noticed the Cleveland score at halftime and decided he would try to get his starters some rest. Butler is willing to stick with Thomas for "the whole game", but he's aware he'll need his teammates' help from time to time .

Ex Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer offers facts on government
Which raises the question: Is our semi-fictional America Inc. a buy or sell? There will be more things we want to add. Companies typically organize revenue into segments, and Ballmer's USAFacts team has done the same.

Trump defends about-face on labeling China a currency manipulator
Another source told the Times that U.S. officials "are much closer to taking military action than they were a year ago". According to McFarland, the USA had good intelligence information that a missile would be tested over the weekend.

After Mayawati, Akhilesh Yadav talks about grand alliance to fight BJP
If the media had shown anarchy during the SP rule, it must highlight the same during regime of other parties as well", he said. The State BJP said the statement made by the SP chief indicated that he had not been able to digest the SP's electoral loss.

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